2 5 4 D O C U M E N T 2 5 9 M A Y 1 9 2 4
3) Definitive abandonment of strict causality seems intolerable to me.
4) One would almost be inclined also to demand an acoustic (elastic) virtual ra-
diation field for solid bodies, since it’s not easy to believe that quantum mechanics
necessarily needs an electric theory of matter as a foundation.
5) The process of normal dispersion (not for the eigenfrequency of the mole-
cule), which is in fact primarily decisive for the optical behavior of bodies, fits bad-
ly into this scheme because virtual radiation shouldn’t again have virtual radiation
as a direct consequence, but rather only probabilities for the transition between mo-
lecular states. This is, of course, just an “architectural” objection.
Cordial regards to you and yours, and to Mr. De
How are all of you going to stand it for so long without
I saw V.
and Utrecht). He is a nice person but I do understand your
reservations (not a “chap, through and through,” somewhat feminine
Now I probably am going into the League of Nations commission. I also see that
my earlier action was not the right
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