9 2 D O C . 1 8 L U N A R L O N G I T U D E
With this formula we find from (7) those years into which maxima and minima
of advance should fall. We compare them with the years Bottlinger listed as a result
of observation:
Considering the uncertainty associated with the smallness of the treated devia-
tions, this agreement is completely sufficient. A more precise investigation con-
cerning the agreement of the amplitude of the effect in dependence of the empiri-
cally given amplitudes of high tides would be desirable; but it is already very likely
from these results that the phenomena can be completely explained in the manner
P.S. Our calculation gives the amplitude of the effect as too small. This might be
connected with the fact that we calculated with a constant spatial density of the ter-
restrial body, i.e., with a too large moment of inertia for the earth.
Translator’s Notes
{1} The period is 18.6 years.
{2} The angle is about 23.5 .
Maxima Minima
According to (7) Observed According to (7) Observed
1843 1843 1834 1830
1862 1861 1853 1852
1880 1880 1871 1874
1895 1892
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