D O C . 3 5 D E F E N S E T H R O U G H K N O W L E D G E 1 5 7
reasons for anti-Semitism are not its true cause; one needs a scapegoat and makes
the Jews responsible—they are the target of instinctive resentment because they are
of a different tribe than the majority of the population.
Just prove a hundred times that the behavior of German troops in Belgium and
Poland has caused more damage to the German reputation than all of the alleged
racketeering of all
show that the actions of all segments of the people dur-
ing and after the war have been driven by social-egotistical motives—none of this
will help you at all, because it is so much more convenient to pass the blame onto
all the Jews, and to pursue the ridiculous attempt of convincing the world that
600,000 Jews have ruled over, governed, and deprived 70 million Germans in all
areas of life. If what anti-Semites claim were true, then indeed there would be noth-
ing weaker, more wretched, and unfit for life, than the German people.
The instinct of the masses cannot be changed through apologetics. All those cir-
cles observing today’s anti-Semitic wave ask, What should then happen?
The state, and in particular the German state, has to realize that the way it treats
the Jews will prove whether it can live up to its true future tasks, whether minorities
can be tolerated amongst its people without opposing them. Isn’t it its highest duty
to ensure that people of any heritage or any origin be able to live within its borders
in absolute freedom? There is no state today that has not made the protection and
right of self-determination of minorities part of its political program. It is the task
of the Jews to ensure that the state, for the benefit of its own development, turns this
progressive program into a
The general public needs to know, that it will
only cause serious damage to itself by insisting that the Jews give up their human
individuality and demand that they adapt by sacrificing their character, as, for
example, through baptism, to their surroundings. Self-confident Jews of strong
character will contribute, through their presence, to an ever-increasing sense of true
humanity. They have the task of bringing about the success of the idea that only the
respect for human individuality will guarantee a dignified life of nations, and that
it is a sign of deepest lack of civilization to make a human group the scapegoat just
because it is of different
We Jews can only accomplish this task by unifying the entire Jewish people.
Then we will be able to make demands in the name of humanity, one which has
been violated in our case through the most horrible indoctrination and attacks
against our honor and our life; we will then successfully defend ourselves against
expressions of hatred, which dishonor all people, with a clear understanding of our-
selves and of the essence of
The beginning of an effective defense, however, is recognizing the
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