D E S C R I P T I V E S Y M B O L S l x x i i i
TDft Typed Draft
TDftS Typed Draft Signed
TDftSX Typed Draft Signed, in Photocopy
TDS Typed Document Signed
TDSC Typed Document Signed, in File Copy
TDSX Typed Document Signed, in Photocopy
TDX Typed Document, in Photocopy
Tgm Telegram
TKS Typed Card or Postcard Signed
TKSX Typed Card or Postcard Signed, in Photocopy
TL Typed Letter
TLC Typed Letter, in File Copy
TLS Typed Letter Signed
TLSC Typed Letter Signed, in File Copy
TLSX Typed Letter Signed, in Photocopy
TLX Typed Letter, in Photocopy
TrL Transcript of Letter
TTr Typed Transcript
TTrD Typed Transcript of a Document
TTrL Typed Transcript of a Letter
TTrLX Typed Transcript of a Letter, in Photocopy
TTrPD Typed Transcript of a Printed Document
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