D O C . 1 0 8 S E P T E M B E R 1 9 1 9 9 3 still so much material to be processed that, for the time being, it does not seem ap- propriate to travel to Holland yet for perusal of the files that were kindly prepared for us.[4] Indeed, I have a great desire to visit Ehrenfest after an interval of almost three years, particularly since a letter I recently received from him gives me special rea- son to do so.[5] But traveling up to the border is supposedly so trying that my doctor is earnestly advising against it, in consideration of my continually unsteady state of health.[6] Thus, despite my strong desire to see all of you again, I do lack a bit of courage to travel. In any case, I must inform myself precisely about the options be- forehand. As regards the evaluation of scholars here by their foreign colleagues, it does seem to me to be too harsh, notwithstanding the gruesome things that have happened.[7] After years of coercive manipulation of public opinion, the majority are, as a result, still absolutely unable to pass clear judgment on the events. Those on the outside have no conception of how difficult it is to escape mass suggestion. Furthermore, the naked facts have not been made properly known here, if at all. That is why such revelations are so sorely needed here.[8] That all the inhabitants of a large country should be considered morally inferior is already incredible a priori! The Manifesto of the 93, as foolish as it was, was nei- ther written nor signed in awareness of the injustice.[9] People whose passions, through skillful manipulation, are whipped up to extreme bitterness are incapable of any objective scrutiny of matters of fact. If we are now, even belatedly, able to broadcast the realization that the gravest injustice has been done—what should these people do now to cleanse themselves? Drowned in profound impotence, they will now inevitably suspect that every explanation is dictated by shady opportun- ism. This is what the decent ones in particular fear, those who had hitherto believed they were on the morally right side, and at least the dispassionate onlookers should keep this in mind. There is no harm, by the way, if these people are made to feel their dependence by foreign boycotts. Thus the last remnants of megalomania and the voracious appetite for power that the economic boom had formerly brought with it will be quashed.[10] I am convinced that it is precisely such conditions that allow “Prussians” to thrive and my fear is that the same may now take root again elsewhere under the entirely altered conditions. Let’s hope this fear is unjustified! Cordial greetings, yours, A. Einstein I hope I can soon send you our first publication.
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