2 6 D O C U M E N T 3 0 J A N U A R Y 1 9 2 1
which, by the way, the playing parts are: (a) that I’ve been stuck here for years
already because of my “passportlessness,” (am I going to make it to
(b) that my favorite brother is in America (in St. Louis) and I haven’t seen him for
(c) that Tanitchka—imagine that!!—seriously feels like coming
and above all even van Aardenne, (d) that I—as you know—am so terribly
curious about people.–
The devil will take me—I already feel it in my bones—and I intend to take out
a life-insurance-special for this “devil-take-me,” so that at least the wife and chil-
dren get something out of it.

My goodness—a letter by my friend Joffe from Petrograd, dated 16 Dec. 1920.
that he hopes to depart for Holland in a few weeks for 2–3 months.–
I already wrote you a few days ago and warned
you then that I’m unfortunately going to have to bother you once
here goes—sooner than I thought. Namely:)
Now also arriving in Holland via Tallinn [Reval] (Estonia) are:
1) Prof. A. Joffe. Prof. at the Polytechnic, Petrograd. Member of the Russ. Acad-
emy of Science. Physicist.
2) Prof. A. Krylov, prof. Polyt., memb. of the Acad. of Sci. (shipbuilder & math-
ematician) Known to me personally as a very proper in the best sense of the
word!! (older) man.
3) Mrs. M. Kirpicheva
4) Miss A. Fehringer friend of ours (possibly written Foehringer)
5) Mr. P.
The last three are lecturers of physics at the Polytechnic or the University of [St.]
Petersburg, resp.
Purpose of the trip: 1. Purchase of scientif. instruments, journals and books for
(a) the Russ. Acad. of Science (b) for the Physics Institute of the Polytechnic. 2. To
take care of the publication abroad of physical analyses performed in Russia. 3.
Personal consultations specifically with a few Dutch physicists.
Remarks: I can personally guarantee you that the trip pursues absolutely no
political ancillary goals and specifically also that the funds placed at the disposal
of both professors are supposed to be used exclusively for the above-mentioned
purposes. [N.B., Prof. Joffe has nothing to do with that politically famous
Lorentz arranged that the Dutch consul in Tallinn be authorized to issue the entry
permits into Holland to these 5 persons directly upon
Now I must ask
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