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a trip as comfortable for you as possible. I think, besides, that according to my view
you can actually inform Dr. Beck of everything without restraint, insofar as you
deem necessary; for he is, in addition to all his other merits, also a shrewd business-
man, who can certainly give you much good advice. Beck can speak German per-
fectly. In any event, I ask you please to reply to Dr. Beck and request that you also
keep me up-to-date.
I also intend to have the business with the vaporized selenium modification pur-
sued and shall then briefly survey the results for
Perhaps something else
will occur to you regarding these small particles or anything else that can be fol-
lowed up on with the abundant resources of the institute here, which I can tap for
the purpose. I would be extremely pleased about any such information and would
be very grateful to you.
Would you please deliver my most warmest compliments to your gracious wife,
with whom I am as yet unacquainted, and accept most cordial greetings from yours
very truly,
Kind greetings from my wife to your wife and to you.
Enclosed: 1 letter by Dr. Beck and 2 offprints, one of which being the mentioned
historical talk.
Furthermore, I send you a picture of Dr. Beck, which he recently sent me. One
can sometimes detect much from a person’s features.
Please return it at your convenience.
The way Beck is addressing the letter you see the common confusion we dis-
cussed: Ehrenfest [vs.] Ehrenhaft.
37. To Max Born[1]
[Berlin,] 31 January 1921
Dear Born,
I write you today mainly because I want to bury the hatchet ceremoniously. I
squabbled with your wife for the sake of mine, primarily owing to a saucy letter
that she had sent
But now grass has grown over it again and it’s not good if
chums like us lose contact over such trifles. The unfortunate opus by Moszkowski
appeared without the Earth quaking (up to now) and without my having read
I don’t know what to do about Boguslavsky, though I feel sorry for
what he
says about radiation theory is strange. It almost seems as if an error about what one
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