1 1 8 D O C U M E N T S 1 1 2 , 1 1 3 M A R C H 1 9 2 2 Now the situation has changed insofar as I have received an invitation to Japan with adequate compensation for a planned sojourn of four weeks, namely two weeks in Tokyo and two weeks in other university cities of Japan.[2] This would conse- quently agree with my also coming to Peking for two weeks. I do not know if the Japanese insist on my visiting Japan before China. However, I had intended to go to Japan first because I think that the winter climate is milder in China than in Japan and the period at my disposal for the Chinese and Japanese visit spans from about the middle of November to the beginning of January. I cannot imagine at all how the sequence of these two visits should be of any importance. Albeit, in having made me the first suitable offer (2000 pound sterling and free accommodations for me and my wife), the Japanese do in a certain sense have a moral right to priority, just as you do by the circumstance of having invited me first.[3] In the eager hope of being able to reach an agreement with you to your complete satisfaction and of being able to see the cradle of East Asian culture with my own eyes, I am sincerely yours. 112. To Leo Jolowicz Berlin, 25 March 1922 Esteemed Mr. Jolowitz, The address of the gentleman I mentioned to you and with whom I already spoke about the matter is:[1] Dr. J. Grommer, c/o Hamburger, 35 I Dankelmann St., Charlottenburg.[2] It would perhaps be appropriate if you would send him my earlier manuscript.[3] Your kind offer to donate literature from your publishing house to the library of the University of Jerusalem appears to me to be of such importance that I do not want to assume the decision about which works should be selected, just like that, without first consulting with Prof. Löwe and others.[4] I shall gladly return to this matter, however. I would not like to fail to express to you my deeply felt acknowl- edgment of this magnanimous gesture toward the cause of Jewish culture. In utmost respect. 113. To Arthur Nussbaum[1] Berlin, 26 March 1922 Esteemed Professor, Yesterday the brother of my best friend, Mr. Besso,[2] was here, for whose com- pany, more spec[ifically], for whose branch in Romania, you are handling a com-
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