D O C U M E N T S 1 2 8 , 1 2 9 A P R I L 1 9 2 2 1 2 7 With very cordial regards also from my wife, yours, Anschütz. 128. From Emile Berliner Washington, D.C., 2 April 1922 Highly esteemed Professor, After having written you on the 24th of February, I herewith have the honor of handing over to you the promised ten thousand dollars for the Jewish University in Palestine.[1] I do so with particular pleasure, as it has been some 18 years since I initially grasped the opportunity of supporting this idea, in a club in Philadelphia, because I recognized it was something very promising for the renown of the Jewish nation. And now that you decided to back this highly significant plan personally, a very special guarantee for its success is given. I hope this letter reaches you and your highly esteemed wife in the best of health and am sending you respectful greetings in the name of all of us, Emile Berliner. 129. From Ludwig Hopf[1] and Theodor von Kármán Aachen Polytech., Aerodyn. Institut, 3 April 1922 Dear Mr. Einstein, The papers report that you are staying in Paris [2] a glance at the railway map reveals that the return route from Paris goes through Aachen. The undersigned therefore dare to cherish the hope that you might perhaps feel like spending a day in Aachen on your way homeward. We would mark this day red on the calendar and return the favor by promising: (1) no lecture (2) not a single word more than you yourself would want about relativity (3) not the faintest notice in the newspaper. It would be so nice so please do us this favor! Most cordial regards! Yours, L. Hopf, Th. Kármán.
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