1 3 2 D O C U M E N T 1 3 5 A P R I L 1 9 2 2 with what sympathy I am being met here.[3] Even in political respects I only encountered calm observations on issues and goodwill toward intercommunica- tions, incomparably better than I had expected. Tomorrow I’m off by car to the bat- tlefield ruins.[4] From there I’m driving onwards to Kiel whither Anschütz has summoned me about an impending important hearing that is going to be decided on Tuesday.[5] If the Germans only knew what services I performed for them here by this visit. But they are too small-minded to grasp it. Yesterday I visited Roth- schild, who handed me a not-empty leather bag in farewell. A very astute man. Wife and daughter were there.[6] Wife and daughter of patriarchal simplicity in dress and essence. Toward the end of the week I hope—at last—to arrive home to you all, in order to enjoy my well-earned rest. Mrs. Deng gave me a heavy, sweet package for you.[7] I’ll bring you the accompanying letter and hand the packet on to Mrs. Langevin.[8] Instead, you have to buy 200 marks worth of sweets for your- self on my orders, which I herewith categorically assign you to do. Warm kisses now to all of you from your Albert. I have to go to Painlevé’s to eat—a splendid person![9] 135. From Chenzu Wei[1] Berlin, 8 April 1922 Esteemed Professor, I have the honor herewith of informing you that I have just been asked by the president of the Imperial University in Peking[2] to tell you that the university would most joyfully welcome it if you could possibly arrange to give lectures for a period of time at the Peking Imperial University. About the terms, Mr. President informs me that the university is very willing to carry the costs of hotel accommo- dations and expenses for the duration of your teaching activities in Peking and additionally to pay a monthly honorarium of 1,000 Chinese dollars.[3] I permit myself to ask you to kindly send word to me about whether our academic circles will have the honor of receiving you in my home country. In extending my great respect, I have the honor to be most devotedly yours, Wei Chenzu, Chinese Envoy
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