D O C U M E N T S 3 1 4 , 3 1 5 J U L Y 1 9 2 2 2 4 3 314. To Eric Drummond Berlin, 29 July 1922 Highly esteemed Sir, The necessity of settling a number of urgent matters before my imminent trip to Japan makes it, to my great regret, impossible for me to appear for the first confer- ence of the Committee on Intellectual Cooperation in Geneva.[1] In this situation I am nonetheless consoled by the circumstance that this inability to participate at the meeting will make any loss seem that much less acute, owing to my being pre- vented by the above-mentioned trip from continuous collaboration for the coming half year. However, I do hope to repair this omission all the more diligently after this period has come to an end. In expressing the hope that the Committee will be able to accomplish much during this first half year, I remain, in assuring you of my great esteem, A. Einstein. 315. “Quantum Theoretical Comments on the Experiment of Stern and Gerlach” [Einstein and Ehrenfest 1922] Manuscript completed before 30 July 1922.[1] DATED May–June 1922 RECEIVED 21 August 1922 PUBLISHED 16 September 1922 IN: Zeitschrift für Physik 11 (1922): 31–34. § 1. O. Stern and W. Gerlach(1) allowed a vaporized beam of silver atoms to fly through a magnetic field in order to determine whether the atoms have a magnetic moment and—if so—what orientation they manifest while traversing the magnetic field. Their experiment gives us a very important result: while traversing the field the magnetic moments of all atoms coincide with the direction of the lines of force, (1) Z[eit]s[chrift] für Phys. 9, 349, 1922.[2] [p. 31]
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