D O C . 3 7 9 T R A V E L D I A R Y D E C E M B E R 1 9 2 2 3 1 1 mime dances by Tok.’s little children. Then masterful pantomime dances with accompaniment by two singing and plucking women, the latter also with little chil- dren. Supper ostentatious, Japanese, cooked by the devil’s grandmother. Then, vio- lin music by me (Gluck, Hauser, Bach) and Japanese lady (Wieniawski).[94] 28th. Reception at University of Commerce.[95] Grand speech by one student in German. I replied about the originality of Japanese cultural values. Deep impact. University meal. Festive, without speech. Sat next to university president.[96] After- noon lecture and physics seminar (talk about Kármán problem).[97] Kaizo Publish- ers employees communal dinner in train station restaurant. Speech ([by me], as the publisher’s youngest employee!). Ceremonial welcoming handshake by the actual youngest employee.[98] Also dictated a short article about Japanese music.[99] 29th. While in shirtsleeves received a card from pastor Steinichen announcing his visit about Frau Schulze to keep me informed. Changing and getting dressed fast, half-way in his presence. Then the English physician Gordon-Munroe, who was attending the Schulzes.[100] Found out that wife’s psychosis is due to husband’s maltreatment (employee at the German Embassy). ½ past 10, tea ceremony in a fine Japanese home. Exactly prescribed ceremony for a meal to celebrate friendship. Glimpse into the contemplative cultural life of the Japanese. The host has written 4 thick volumes on the ceremony, which he proudly showed us.[101] Then, reception by 10,000 students of Waseda University, founded by Okuma (?) in the democratic spirit, with addresses.[102] Lunch at hotel. Then lecture. Viewing of the institute. Interesting communication about electric-arc line-shift.[103] At ½ past 6 reception by pedagogical societies. During farewells, greeting by female seminar participants outside. Sweet, cheerful vision of crowds in semi-darkness.[104] Too much love and spoiling for one mortal. Arrival home dead tired. 30th. With wife to the tourist information at train station. Sole excursion on our own. Funny difficulties in communicating. Inagaki seeks and finds us along the way by car and guides me to imperial ensemble to listen to ancient Chinese music past 10–½ past 1), which will only survive there by tradition.[105] Common Indian roots for Byzantine and Sino-Japanese music. Chorale-like. Wonderful tone painting. Flute, plucked instruments, reed instruments, also for very high pitches, producing a silvery tone. Talk at univ. Discussion: Tamaru elucidation of inconsis- tency of Doi’s theoretical proof. Festive address by student delegations (in total ca. 20,000) of the universities of Tokyo.[106] Dinner at the embassy. Diplomats and other big fish. Gorgeous music. But otherwise insipid and stiff. I bungled through some violin as well very badly due to fatigue and lack of practice. Danish ambas- sador brought us home pleasant married couple.[107] 1st December. Meal with Mr. and Mrs. Witt, who met us yesterday at the train station. Information about captivity in Canada. Last lecture on cosmological [p. 21] [p. 21v]
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