3 1 0 D O C . 3 7 9 T R A V E L D I A R Y N O V E M B E R 1 9 2 2 Japanese impressions.[77] Sitting in a circle, question-and-answer game. Then, communal Lucullan meal. From 2–4, Japanese concert at the music school, with lamenting flutes in unison, highly ornamented without proper melody.[78] Harp with few strings and mandoline-like instrument with litany-like singing. There was also a piece for plucked instruments mimicking the natural lute, graceful, melodi- cally weak. Not a trace of proper structure and harmonics. Evening meal at Fuji- sawa’s with Nagaoka and a couple of others (someone from the German embassy among them as well). Dainty little daughter of the host. Pleasant company with harmless chitchat. Beforehand visits with Bärwald and Prof. Nagai (chemist).[79] 24th. Morning walk on foot with Inagaki. Meal in a Japanese inn.[80] Sitting on the floor difficult. Roast lobsters poor creatures. Charming establishment. Fine, quiet manners among the customers. Afternoon visit in artistic Japanese private home (Nezu).[81] Wonderful traditional Japanese pictures of most refined rhythm and color. Beautiful evidence of the Japanese psyche. Chinese-Buddhist influence not in accord with the national soul appears baroque compared to the country’s own original artwork. From ½ past 5–7 and 8–10, second public lecture with Ishi[wara]. Immense interest by the public.[82] 24th–1st Dec. scientif. talks about relativity at the university. 25th. Visit by crazy American woman who believes she can cure other nuts. 2 o’clock, visit at the physics institute. Then my first scientific lecture.[83] ½ past 3, reception by the students in the auditorium. Profound impact I spoke about science as an international benefit.[84] 6–8, Japanese theater. Again chorus with string and percussion instruments. Ballet-style treatment of familiar children’s fairytales. Very interesting game of gestures—in part very strange.[85] In the evening from ½ past 8–10, dinner in a Japanese restaurant, invited by the journalists as a group, with a number of geishas. The latter performed charming dances with music. Danc- ers very young older geishas with very expressively sensual faces unforgettable. Question-and-answer in chest voice. Dolls’ meal for people. Then we were politely dismissed so that the more relaxed second part could begin.[86] Private conversation with short Ina[87] about geishas, morality, etc. 26th (Sunday). Okura Museum with splendid Chinese and Japanese statues, paintings, reliefs, and gorgeous hilly planted garden.[88] Noh plays in the afternoon. Antique drama with Japanese chorus. Very slow movements and masks. Highly dramatic effect.[89] Then, visit to a gigantic bookstore. All 250 employees present.[90] Curious reception, meal in room. Business with Yamamoto. 27th. Visit by Nagaoka’s son-in-law with charming little wife. Meal at Nagaoka’s with conversation about endless Japanese univ. examinations.[91] The lecture on tensor theory.[92] Then, supper at Tokugawa’s.[93] 2 pieces of music, vocal, 2 plucked instruments, Tokug. flute. Content: landscape impressions. Panto- [p. 19v] [p. 20] [p. 20v]
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