D O C U M E N T 1 9 J A N U A R Y 1 9 2 2 3 9 subjects.[3] Neither is “means for impressing an unidirectional impulse upon the reciprocatory member, so that it travels or progresses step-by-step in one direc- tion,” under consideration anywhere in the patents.[4] List of indicated patents:[5] A. Einstein. 19. From Richard Courant [1] Göttingen, 5 Nikolausberger Way, 15 January 1922 Esteemed Mr. Einstein, The Hilberts and all of us are especially pleased about your intention to come here for the 23rd.[2] As is the way of such things, if a finger is extended, one always does like to grab the whole hand. In this sense, after receiving sanction by Born and Franck about the permissibility of such a request,[3] I would like to ask whether you might want to play something in the afternoon of Hilbert’s birthday together with Born as pianist, a very nice little cellist, and my wife? The E flat major piano quartet by Beethoven, that is, the first movement thereof, originally the octet for 1204245. Concrete processor. The oscillatory motion does not serve here to generate a progressive motion. A means for the transmission of an impulse onto the oscillating part is miss- ing. 942299 955339 Massage apparatus.The oscillatory motion does not serve to generate progressive motion. 1091533 Car horn. Progressive motion is entirely absent. 1367117 1286617 236697 1280269 1125500 1192502 1249094 1332864 1363495 85721 Sieve shaker. Progressive motion is entirely absent.
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