8 4 D O C . 1 8 O P I N I O N O N G O L D S C H M I D T
ADS. [35 494]. The document consists of one unnumbered page.
[1]Dated on the assumption that it was written after Rudolf Goldschmidt had requested the opinion
in Abs. 25.
[2]US Patent 1386329, “Mechanism for Converting Rotary into Reciprocatory Motion.” Rudolf
Goldschmidt, assignor to Det Tekniske Forsøgsaktieselskab, Charlottenlund, Denmark. Filed on
10 January 1921.
[3]The first claim of the patent is given as follows: “Mechanism for converting rotary into recipro-
catory motion wherein continued progressive movement step-by-step in one direction of the path of
reciprocation is obtained, comprising a reciprocatory member, a centrifugal weight pivoted thereto,
means for rotating said weight and means for impressing a unidirectional impulse upon the recipro-
catory member, so that it travels or progresses step-by-step in one direction.”
[4]Einstein’s quote is from a German draft of the patent, [35 495].
[5]The list consists of U.S. patents.
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