1 5 2 D O C . 8 6 P R E S E N T S I T U A T I O N I N E U R O P E Published in Menschen und Menschenwerke. Árpád Keitner, ed. Vienna: Verlag “Menschen und Men- schenwerke,” 1924, vol. 1, p. 200. The editorial office requested a contribution to the collection of essays in Abs. 171. The text of this document is based on Doc. 85, which was prepared for a different purpose. Dated by the date of Doc. 85. The received date is based on the date of the second request for the article in Abs. 245. The publication date is based on the date of the letter from Sven Hedin to Keitner [44 442], in which he expresses thanks for receiving a copy of the book.
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