8 1 2 C H R O N O L O G Y 1 9 2 4 Paul Hammerschlag, director of the Rothschild Credit Insti- tution in Vienna. Zionistische Korrespondenz, no. 38, 26 September. September 24 Interview with AE published in the Wiener Morgenzeitung (Appendix D). Leaves Vienna for Innsbruck. September 25 Participates in the eighty-eighth annual conference of the GDNÄ in Innsbruck. September 27 Leaves for Zurich. October 1 Arrives in Lucerne for the 105th annual meeting of the Schweizerische Naturforschende Gesellschaft. Vossische Zeitung, 8 September 1924, EE. October 2 Invited by Robert A. Millikan to spend January–March 1925 at the California Institute of Technology. October 4 In Lucerne, delivers lecture “On the Ether” (Doc. 332) at the 105th annual meeting of the Schweizerische Naturfor- schende Gesellschaft. October 4 or 5 Leaves Lucerne to visit Caesar Koch and Mathilde Koch- Levy in Antwerp. October 9–ca. 24 In Leyden. October 18 Visits H. A. Lorentz in Haarlem with the Ehrenfests. October 22 Delivers lecture on the most recent theories of Bohr, Kramers, and Slater on the structure of atoms and spectral lines at Leyden colloquium. Vossische Zeitung, 25 October 1924, EE. October 25 Is back in Berlin. Vossische Zeitung, 25 October 1924, EE. November 3 Declines Millikan’s invitation to Caltech for 1925, but intends to visit in 1926. November 9–15 Writes statements on the League of Nations and on technol- ogy (Docs. 365 and 366). before November 21 Attends performance of Beethoven’s Missa solemnis by the Staatliche Akademische Hochschule für Musik. November 23 Sends appreciation and greeting to the American ORT Reconstruction Fund for the economic healing of Eastern European Jewry. Jewish Telegraphic Agency Daily News Bulletin.
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