c x i i D E S C R I P T I V E S Y M B O L S PAD Printed Autograph Document PALS Printed Autograph Letter Signed PD Printed Document PDf Printed Letter, Fragment PDS Printed Document Signed PK Published Postcard PL Printed Letter PLf Printed Letter, Fragment PLS Printed Letter Signed TD Typed Document TDC Typed Document, in File Copy TDft Typed Draft TDftL Typed Draft Letter TDftS Typed Draft Signed TDS Typed Document Signed Tgm Telegram TgmDftC Telegram Draft in File Copy TgmX Telegram, in Photocopy TK Typed Card or Postcard TKS Typed Card or Postcard Signed TL Typed Letter TLC Typed Letter, in File Copy TLCS Typed Letter, in File Copy, Signed TLCX Typed Letter, Photocopy of File Copy TLS Typed Letter Signed TLSf Typed Letter Signed, Fragment TLSX Typed Letter Signed, in Photocopy TLX Typed Letter, in Photocopy Tr Transcript TTr Typed Transcript TTrL Typed Transcript of a Letter TTrLC Typed Transcript of a Letter in File Copy TTrLS Typed Transcript of a Letter Signed TTrTgm Typed Transcript of a Telegram
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