The symbols indicate the type of document available to the editors, and not the original document. AD Autograph Document ADf Autograph Document, Fragment ADft Autograph Draft ADftL Autograph Draft Letter ADftLS Autograph Draft Letter Signed ADftS Autograph Draft Signed ADS Autograph Document Signed ADSP Autograph Document Signed Printed (Facsimile) ADSX Autograph Document Signed, in Photocopy AKS Autograph Card or Postcard Signed AKSP Autograph Card or Postcard, Printed AKSX Autograph Card or Postcard Signed, in Photocopy AL Autograph Letter ALf Autograph Letter, Fragment ALP Autograph Letter, Printed (Facsimile) ALS Autograph Letter Signed ALSf Autograph Letter Signed, Fragment ALSX Autograph Letter Signed, in Photocopy ALX Autograph Letter, in Photocopy ATrD Autograph Transcript of Document ATrL Autograph Transcript of Letter AuD Audio Document Dft Draft DftS Draft Signed DIPL Diploma LS Letter Signed DESCRIPTIVE SYMBOLS
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