5 4 0 D O C U M E N T 3 3 3 J U L Y 1 9 2 6 The paper on The Nature of Light[9] I should like very much to get your views upon. Although I state that it is an extension of your principle of relativity, it may be a step that you would be quite unwilling to take. I hesitated a good deal before accepting it, but am now thoroughly convinced that it is correct, and that although it is not the whole truth it does make a fair beginning toward eliminating the para- dox of the quantum. If you have time to read these articles I should like extremely well to learn your views regarding them. With kindest regards to yourself and Mrs. Einstein,[10] I am Yours very sincerely, Gilbert N. Lewis TLS. [15 115]. Written on printed letterhead. [1]Lewis (1875–1946) was Professor of Physical Chemistry at the University of California at Berkeley. [2]Williams (1884–1959) was Associate Professor of Physics at the University of California at Berkeley. [3]Lewis 1925a. [4]Lewis 1925b. [5]Presumably before 4 November 1910 (see Einstein to Jakob Laub, 4 November 1910 ([Vol. 5, Doc. 227]). [6]J. Willard Gibbs (1839–1903) had been Professor of Mathematical Physics at the Yale College in New Haven. [7]Ludwig Boltzmann (1844–1906) had been Professor of Theoretical Physics at the University of Vienna. [8]In Lewis 1925b, he refers to Einstein 1916n, republished in the Physikalische Zeitschrift. [9]Lewis 1926a. [10]Elsa Einstein.
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