3 0 D O C U M E N T 5 J U N E 1 9 2 5 range of possibilities. Also, your expression “something like a special scalar” cer- tainly implies very interesting things.[4] Purely logically, in discussions with Dr. Sauter[5] and with Prof. Gonseth,[6] I have arrived at a number of questions—I) whether, in reality, the metric has its ap- propriate place in Schouten’s investigations, or whether, instead, in addition to the most general affine geometry,[7] a most general metric geometry is also possible, which would include cases in which the term parallelism would become just as meaningless as that of scaling transfer in the nonmetric geometries II) whether the appropriate expression for the quantumlike would have to blow up 4-dimensional- ity in the sense of phase space—such that 4-dimensionality could mean only an ¢kind of overlapping of barely different² excellent but nevertheless only approxi- mating step by which the 4N-dimensional phase space unveils its discreteness. III) Also the questions as to whether the logical difficulties with the continuum could be related to a fundamentally different mathematical way of looking at things that would correctly match with discontinuous reality all the more. It is curious how modest the strict logicians have become and how all modesty, all acceptance is of no benefit to them (the acceptance of the infinite numerical sequence causes them, contrary to all truly strict logic, no visible pain). Has the Euclid of the general theory of relativity been written? Such a truly log- ical book for the homo mathematicus? I have not seen Laue’s second volume.[8] Is that it? Did I already tell you that I am engaged in an extraordinary enterprise? I had pretty much reached rock bottom of job performance about 4 months ago when I decided to go to a young psychoanalyst who is ¢very² personally appealing to me.[9] Practically speaking, the decision has already worked wonders—the further prog- ress was, for me, very interesting in that a certain order and overview has been brought to my memories and endeavors. I think a substantially better utilization of my capacity to work and, especially, an improvement in productive relationships with people will come of it, especially my relationship with myself—stripping away of all sorts of compulsive and pointless things. Currently, I am contemplating an undertaking of a relatively grander style, a compendium of the protection of intellectual property, with special regard to the points in which French, American, and German patent law might come into con- sideration for the Swiss patentee and for Swiss patent law. I would like to interest former people from the Polytechnic in it. Are you aware that Zangger was very ill and is recovering very slowly? His wife, whom I recently saw, looks very tired and frail.[10] When you come, you must see my grandchildren! Warm regards! Also from Anna,[11] Michele
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