D O C U M E N T S 6 , 7 J U N E 1 9 2 5 3 1 Did you already know that Albertli is attending “my colleague’s” lectures this se- mester? Saturdays from 7 to 8, so, no lost time!—Both boys delight me.[12] 6. To Otto Lehmann-Russbüldt[1] [Berlin,] 12 June 1925 Dear Mr. Lehmann-Russbüldt, My ability to remain here in Berlin is based on the premise that I personally do not take a prominent role in political life. If I sign this request, a large number of the professors in Germany will consider this as a provocation on my part, and a sit- uation will develop that probably would end with my pitching my tent somewhere else.[2] As I do not want this complication (at this moment, in any case), I will not sign this letter. Second, I should like to warn against having this letter signed by a Jew at all. As much as I am, in fact, in favor of Jews being independent and proud, it is neverthe- less essential that they, as a small numerical minority, not exert a disproportionately great influence on public affairs. Finally, I must confess that I consider the whole inquiry impractical. Few re- sponses will come in, and this will give a distorted picture of the circumstances. Many who absolutely condemn such an ignoble interference in political freedom will not want to express a position against it that is nothing less than politically neu- tral. Also, despite the conciliatory tone, such a request will be felt to be tactless and presumptuous. Such a thing would have to originate with the professors themselves to be of value. Talk to Meinecke (historian at this university)[3] about whether he considers it possible that such an initiative could be taken by the professors. Respectfully yours, A. Einstein 7. To Mileva Einstein-Mariü, Hans Albert, and Eduard Einstein[1] [Berlin,] 13 June 1925 Dear Mileva and dear boys, Thank you for all the joyous and lovely letters. The cacti were difficult to trans- port, but apparently arrived in good condition and are now under Margot’s care in pots on the balcony.[2] The further concern is how we get them to Zurich. The an- swer to this question depends on unknown factors: when and where the meeting of
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