5 6 2 D O C U M E N T 3 7 9 O N Z I O N I S M Index marker I Published in Jüdische Rundschau, 29 January 1929, p. 47. Also published in English in the New York Times, 20 January 1929, p. 8, and in the Jewish Daily Bulletin, 21 January 1929, p. 1. [1] Dated by the dateline in the published English versions of this document. [2] Negotiations between Chaim Weizmann and Louis Marshall, president of the non-Zionist American Jewish Committee, on the planned expansion of the Jewish Agency had been taking place since 1923. The expanded body aimed to encompass representatives from both Zionist and non- Zionist institutions among world Jewry in order to coordinate efforts for the establishment of a “Jew- ish National Home” in Palestine. In June 1928, the conference of the Joint Palestine Survey Commis- sion had been held in the United Kingdom to discuss the commission’s report on the future of Palestine (see Weizmann 1978, pp. xiii, xvi, and Doc. 230, note 4). The United Palestine Appeal was founded in 1925 by American Zionists to coordinate and unify several fund-raising initiatives that had been campaigning independently (see Wigoder 1994, p. 1312). [2]
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