D O C U M E N T 3 4 6 D E C E M B E R 1 9 2 8 3 2 7 I am happy to see that you were pleased with my latest efforts and have even car- ried out a rather tedious calculation relating to them.[2] I am now of the opinion that could be a candidate for an invariant of the Hamilton principle.[3] With it, one arrives precisely at Schwarzschild’s solution in the cen- trally symmetric case.[4] However, I have not yet succeeded in finding the exact form of the electromagnetic equations. I am presently working on just that prob- lem. Kind regards, your 346. To Hedwig Fischer-Landshoff Berlin W., 24 December 1928 Dear Mrs. Fischer, Your gift has given me great pleasure, and you have also done a good deed by dragging me out of mathematical speculations for a few hours. The Shaw book in- terests me in particular, because I know that he was ardently concerned with social problems throughout his life.[1] The fact that he applies his title precisely to a woman is probably the result of the instinct that women, with your great reciprocal repulsion forces, your adherence to social traditions, and your need for luxury, rep- resent the most powerful inhibiting element. When I have read the book, I would gladly talk with you about it some time. With hearty thanks and best wishes for the New Year, your A. Einstein Greetings and thanks to your husband as well.[2] g        
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