8 DOCUMENT 3 1903 AD in the hand of Maurice Solovine. [36 621]. TRANSLATION A.D. 1903 The Man of Hechingen,[1] expert in the noble arts, versed in all literary forms-leading the age toward lear- ning, a man perfectly and clearly erudite, imbued with exquisite, subtle, and elegant knowledge, steeped in the revolutionary science of the cosmos, bursting with know- ledge of natural things, a man with the greatest piece of mind and marvelous family virtue, never shrinking from civic duties, the most powerful guide to those fabulous, receptive molecules, infallible high priest of the church of the poor in spirit. [1]A town in the Prussian administrative district of Sigmaringen, now in Württemberg. Ein- stein's mother Pauline moved there about this time (see the following document).
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