D O C . 4 8 O P I N I O N T E L E F U N K E N V S . H U T H 3 6 7
[8]Deutsches Reichspatent 304283 (further on called “Schollpatent”) entitled “Aus einer Katho-
denstrahlenröhre in Rückkopplungsschaltung bestehender Generator elektrischer Schwingungen,”
granted on 1 October 1920 to Telefunken. The patented circuit uses a Meißner feedback to achieve
the same goal as Kühn’s.
[9]This is an allusion to an application for compulsory license in case the nullity suit would not suc-
ceed, by referring to the public interest of the patent.
[10]Patent claim 4 of Deutsches Reichspatent 304283.
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