1 2 6 D O C . 1 4 8 O C T O B E R 1 9 1 9 Our first step toward realization of this idea is to plan a conference for the be- ginning of the coming year at a neutral location, probably in Switzerland, among Jewish scholars who wish to extend to the university their professional advice and show their academic standing before the world. The conference should pass final, learned judgment on the planned university but at the same time vouch for its qual- ity and academic merit. This letter is, if only a private letter, also our very first step: it is for us a question of critical importance whether you, Professor, whom the world rightly calls the greatest Jewish scientist, but above all whom we love and value also as a person— whether you would be willing to participate in this conference and help us with its preparation. I do not need to say how happy the Jewish people would be if you could be appointed to its university, but that is a question for the future.[3] First we must create the framework worthy of such. Assist us, esteemed Professor. Above all by your personal appearance and then by convincing those whom you deem suit- able to attend the conference, be it by direct action, or be it indirectly via us. It is not particularly necessary that all these people take part in the conference— which should, if possible, be evenly represented by all countries—but we also place great store in our later appeals and in the publications bearing the names of our best scholars worldwide. I request your speedy reply, which I hope will be positive. My wife is here with me,[4] we often think of you. If Professor Franck was con- scientious, he has conveyed our greetings frequently.[5] We are hoping that my work will soon lead us to Palestine. With thanks, yours truly, S. Hugo Bergmann.[6] 148. From Heinrich Zangger [Zurich, 22 October 1919][1] Dear friend Einstein, Where is your mother? I presumed her to be in Berlin. She told me she was going somewhere else. I would like to visit her. (Bramberg- str. A?)[2] I see something of your boys, they are doing well the little boy also came to us for a while with Richard Zürcher. Their mother is getting progressively better she is able to go out.[3] So all is going better for you, even light has been bending a few million years to please you. The stars do perihelia—perhaps you can command them to do other
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