D O C . 1 4 8 O C T O B E R 1 9 1 9 1 2 7 cabrioles too. That under these circumstances you would rather prefer to write to Newton Isaac than to me is understandable. Your conviction, the theoretical conviction that light must bend around the Sun, at the time you were visiting with us, for inst., is a powerful psychological experi- ence for me. You were so sure, that this sureness of yours had its own forceful effect.[4] Of all your ideas, these ones leading to such conclusions were the most self-evident to you, it seemed to me. I would have liked to draw this “Einstein” face, when α) the eyes are thinking along about [that] c, β) [“] about the quanta– γ) [“] about the effect of masses on light (did he stand up, I wonder, as he read it?) Your psychology of certainty—mine, in my domain, often preoccupied me. Where lies the intrinsic difference? We do not get beyond the intuition-probability constraints. Dr. Zürcher asked me whether I have any news about you? He had a letter: you could not send the 8000 francs for your family because of the exchange rate, be- cause it would soon mean 600000 marks.[5] How we psychologists will find the way I don’t yet know. How is your Swiss business doing?[6] Constance would be good, it’s true one could also withdraw money from Switz- erland as a Swiss. [Schools] good—but.[7] Karlsruhe is probably more harmonious now, from what I hear. Guaranteed re- turn to Zurich upon improvement of the conditions—as a temporary arrange- ment—would facilitate it all.[8] What’s new with your lectureship here? I hear from Prof. Meyer that you do not want to come anymore.[9] The parents in Hungary are also to be pitied, as they have to pay for their sick daughter in Burghölzli,[10] so problems there too.—Can I help?! Write me also about the lectureship.—I already filled the officials’ heads with the bent light, years ago.—Proclaimed Galileo Newton Einstein—so if you want the appointment, or keep it, resp., it would be a joy to all. Debye was here! Gnehm told me when he spoke with Debye in St. Moritz he was convinced that Debye was the best.[11] Foremost under consideration are Perrier Piccard [12] there’s no instinctive person on the school board and no one who can see far enough how the structure of the world now begins, intuitively calculated, at 10–9, while in 5–10 years everyone will already be calculating with these structures quantitatively in stereo, as the chemists, say, are now doing with molecular weights (Laue, Bragg, Debye?).[13] At the moment I still don’t know how I can manage to come to grips with people. Right now I’m a bit dented because they are trying quite
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