D O C S . 3 1 4 , 3 1 5 F E B R U A R Y 1 9 2 0 2 6 1 than to form his own opinion. This is the reason why I permit myself to approach you with the request that you tell me whether or not you consider Professor Ehren- haft the suitable candidate. I do not want to take up too much of your time and therefore do not ask for a justification of your view. It suffices for me simply to know your view.[5] In reiterating my apologies for this disturbance, I am respectfully and sincerely yours, Prof. R. Wettstein. 314. To Heinrich Zangger [Berlin, after 13 February 1920][1] Dear Zangger, Your letter, in which you call me a wretched politician, just arrived. Do you trust newspaper gossip more than me? Surely not but you do feel the need not to let me become too conceited and self-satisfied, thinking that I allow penny-a-liners, who are currently availing themselves of me for their business, to befuddle my mind. I know very well, even without your water cure, that there’s nothing in it. Tomorrow they [sie] (not you [Sie]) will shriek to a completely different tune, if fashion so dic- tates. I know how weak my own powers are, and if I do have a strength, it’s that I’m insensitive both to people’s praise and to censure. (Merket öppis? [Do you notice anything?])[2] My conduct toward the students and the university was nothing less than diplo- matic. Through indifference and a light treatment of the little incident I spoiled those people’s inclination to attack.[3] If I get a chance to tell you all about it, you should have a good laugh when we see each other again. 315. To Eduard Meyer [Berlin,] 14 February 1920 Esteemed President, I must, unfortunately, bother you again with the matter of my course lecture. So many have become aware of the lecture through the newspaper notice that trans- forming it into an open course would cause intolerable conditions due to the swol- len throngs.[1] It would be inevitable that precisely those students to whom the lec- ture is directed in the first place would not get their due. Consequently, I now see
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