D O C S . 3 5 9 , 3 6 0 M A R C H 1 9 2 0 2 9 9 359. From Eduard Korrodi[1] Zurich, 23 March 1920 Dear Sir, The ruinous economic repercussions of the war are affecting the academic activ- ities of the Central Powers to such a degree that the question may certainly be con- sidered whether Swiss educational institutions and university libraries were in a po- sition to offer their help in some form.[2] We permit ourselves to ask you whether you would be inclined to submit to us a statement of your opinion for an official inquiry represented for the present only by Swiss scholars inside and outside the country. 1. Can practical measures be found to help needy countries acquire the most es- sential textbooks and introductory works, annual reports,[3] and periodicals, which owing to the valuta have become unaffordable in Germany and Austria? Couldn’t such assistance be initiated by having the scholarly societies of their neutral neigh- bors and Entente countries provide subscriptions of their major periodicals in the form of a loan, which would be repayable within a reasonable term? 2. Couldn’t scholarly societies of the neutral countries influence their sister so- cieties in the Entente countries toward approaching these societies of the Central Powers, considering that German efforts in many academic areas benefit the ex- change of ideas overall and are being used openly. We believe that Switzerland is obligated at least to consider helping and would like to ask you please to convey your opinion to us. It would not be a matter of a long essay but a brief reply or suggestion arising from your own field of expertise. We would like to publish the official inquiry at Easter and would therefore have to receive the response early next week. Editors of the Neue Zürcher Zeitung Dr. Eduard Korrodi. 360. To Hans Albert and Eduard Einstein [Berlin,] 26 March [1920][1] Dear Albert and dear Tete! I’m glad that all three of you are now merrily together again.[2] Was it nice at Besso’s, d[ear] Albert?[3] Did you get to know my friend better now? In May I’m
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