2 9 8 D O C S . 3 5 7 , 3 5 8 M A R C H 1 9 2 0 French side as well, does not make this act of justice completely satisfactory. The English apparently proceeded very properly. It’s a great stroke of luck that the latest reactionary putsch over here failed so miserably it would have been intolerable to live among those people.[6] But the destitution among the people here is ghastly. Very many are dying from the effects of bad nutrition. I am glad that you found a positive result for Schouten’s precession now, after all. What a shame that these things remain below the limit of observability.[7] With best regards to you and your wife, I am cordially and respectfully yours, A. Einstein. 357. From Marcel Grossmann [Zurich, 18 March 1920] Dear Albert, Many thanks for your information, which I shall pass on. I like the essay by M. Schlick very much. But from what I know, Medicus is staying here.[1] Epstein seems to have prospects primarily in Z[urich].[2] Nicolai was here to see me yester- day. We are working toward keeping him in Switzerland.—[3] We heard about the suffering & death of your mother and share your feelings.[4] Do come here some- time soon. Lämmel is holding freq. pub[lic] talks here, roughly along the lines of “Einstein in your waistcoat pocket.”[5] Best regards between households, yours, M. Grossmann. 358. To Otto Bahn [Berlin, 22 March 1920][1] Dear [Sir], Your friendly congratulations with the witty emblem delighted me.[2] It is down- right hard for me to imagine that it could occur to an untrained person to call the theory of relativity “undogmatic.” If there were more people like you, the labor force would measure up to the grand political [mission] that history has allotted it for the coming period.[3] With amicable greetings, yours, Albert Einstein.
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