3 2 4 D O C S . 3 8 7 3 8 9 A P R I L 1 9 2 0 387. To Anton Lampa [Berlin, between 20 April and 12 May 1920][1] Dear Mr. Lampa, I send you this letter in hope of your perhaps finding a way to help this pitiable man.[2] But should it be impossible because of the difficult circumstances in Aus- tria, could you please possibly name a suitable person in Saxony (preferably in Leipzig), so that I can inquire there. If you happen to have a good contact there, please do write yourself. Otherwise, I am generally prepared to do anything that you would consider promising on this man’s behalf. Amicable greetings, yours, Einstein. 388. To Rudolf Peters [Berlin, after 20 April 1920][1] Dear S[ir], You wielded y[our] sword deftly f[or] defenseless me![2] But it is almost a pity to waste wit on the unworthy, who themselves do not believe in what they write. Only the opinion of those who can see and judge for themselves matters to me t[he] talk of the day, among the rest, means nothing. V[ery] resp[ectfully]. 389. To Robert W. Lawson Berlin, 22 April 1920 Dear Mr. Lawson, In the enclosed I finally send you the requested substantive addition to the book- let’s appendix as well as the biographical data. A photograph is leaving in the same mail for you. Unfortunately, I have no drawing available for this purpose.[1] Please excuse the long delay I have been overburdened recently with all sorts of work. The article I wrote for Nature seems unsuitable to me and leaves me unsatis- fied.[2]
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