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from a high negative solar
I have not yet been motivated to check this
My wife sends her warmest regards. I wish you much pleasure in Switzerland.
As ever, yours truly,
A. D. Fokker.
76. From Hendrik A. Lorentz
Loenen op de Veluwe, 26 July
Dear Colleague,
After returning from Paris and Brussels and reading your letter to de
main content of which he had relayed to me by telegram, I did not write you imme-
diately, because I wanted to wait and see whether something of significance to you
might be sent to me during the first weeks. Now that this has not been the case, I
would like to say that I have discussed the matter in question confidentially with
Messrs. Brillouin, Heger, and Noyons–; all were able to understand completely and
appreciate the sentiment that leads you and your friends to your planned enterprise.
They then pledged to cooperate as well in procuring the desired documentary
fulfillment of which pledge, it seems to me, would be most easily
reached if I were able to give fuller particulars on what is being requested. The next
letter from you, which you promise in your letter to de Haas, will probably put me
in that position.
Mr. Noyons showed and told us much about the destruction of
he has
very copious and, it seems to me, conclusive material at his disposal. Naturally, he
cannot part with it, and it was unfortunately not possible in the brief period of our
visit to make a selection and prepare some transcriptions. Mr. Noyons is willing,
however, to go to Holland with his documents and we could arrange it, if you so
wish, that you meet with him at my home, either alone or with one or more others.
As regards the mood I found among our colleagues in France and Belgium, the
general feeling is, as is also natural, a greater or lesser degree of bitterness against
Germany; whenever this is expressed, the deplorable Manifesto of the 93 always
comes to the
Nonetheless, they know how to differentiate; it is known that
there are people like you in Germany who are beyond reproach, and when I found
occasion to say something about the good things that have been done by Germans
in the last few years and recalled, e.g., how I always found notably Planck ready to
stand up for Belgians who were suffering under the oppression, they listened to me
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