3 3 6 D O C U M E N T 2 3 5 D E C E M B E R 1 9 2 0
long been wanting you here one day at the Physical Society and at the university,
generally speaking. Indeed, I even think that we have a greater right to you than
other places because your relativity gospel found root here earlier and more firmly
Furthermore, Dr. Anschütz has commissioned me to invite you
as his
Hence you will spend particularly pleasant days here—the Munich
Anschütz residence is a temple of the arts without equal!–
I would like to ask you to present a “popular” lecture here on Friday the 14th of
Jan. in the main auditorium. Audience: 1. Physical Society and colloquium. 2. Stu-
dents with a special interest in physics and philosophy. 3. All lecturers of the uni-
versity. 4. The local engineers association (to whom I would otherwise have to
deliver a talk, which I would like to avoid). 5. About 500 students; total seating and
standing capacity 1,200.
So as to reduce the throngs, we would charge an entrance fee to benefit the stu-
dent residence (support association). You yourself would receive 1,000 marks from
grant funds as travel compensation (hence not from the entrance money); if your
financial circumstances are bad, as I suspect, we could also go higher.
Yesterday I spoke with the General Student Committee in the presence of the
rector. The committee enthusiastically welcomes a guest lecture by you. If you pre-
fer, we could also organize two such lectures on succeeding days, such as on the
13th and 14th. Best time, ¼ past 6 until about ½ past 7. After the lecture Anschütz
wants to invite the faculty to his home.
Now, I could imagine that you are slowly getting fed up with popular lectures.
But I do hope that you will not treat Munich worse than other places. In consider-
ation of the student body, a popular lecture would be most particularly preferable
to me. If, however, your disinclination should be too great, we would naturally also
be grateful for a specialty lecture in a more restricted colloquium setting. It is un-
likely, though, that we could offer such a high honorarium for the latter (only about
500 marks).
Delight me with a rapid acceptance, if possible before Christmas. I still have
many preparations to make. You will also get to hear a very interesting thing from
Herzfeld about the Einstein–de Haas effect (explanation for the ½
Give my regards to your wife, whom I thank kindly for her postcard from No-
vember. I count on her not foiling our hopes through dissuasion.
I presume you haven’t read my relat. article in the Süddeutsche Monatshefte; if
you have, I hope you did not take offense at my indiscretion (communication of let-
It was governed by the [style]. Yours,
A. Sommerfeld
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