D O C U M E N T S 2 3 3 2 3 5 D E C E M B E R 1 9 2 0 3 3 5
233. To Edouard Guillaume
Berlin, 16 December 1920
Dear Guillaume,
I have so much obligatory work to do at present that I cannot think of writing a
Thus I am unfortunately not in a position to accept the friendly
challenge. You might write Mr. Xavier Léon that he could address himself to
Langevin, who is an outstanding expert in the
Grossmann recently asked me for an assessment of your papers in the area of rel-
ativity theory because it was supposedly necessary to take an official position on it,
I asserted that despite diligent attempts I was unable to make any progress
toward comprehension and that I personally was convinced that there is no clear
theoretical idea behind it. Don’t be cross with me; it was no longer appropriate to
keep silent about my opinion on this
It is impossible to assign, in any
meaningful way, a universal time to the totality of inertial systems.
Amicable greetings to you and your wife, yours,
A. Einstein.
234. To Albert G. Schmedeman[1]
Berlin, W 30, 5 Haberland St., 16 December 1920
Highly esteemed Mr. Minister,
Thank you very much for your detailed
I thoroughly agree with your
suggestion and will try to arrange things so that I can lecture at many places for
shorter periods. It is naturally quite impossible, however, to conduct the complicat-
ed negotiations required for this from here. I therefore applied to the banker Paul
Warburg in New York (former shareholder of the company Kuhn, Loeb &
who will either conduct the negotiations himself or delegate them to a suitable
With hearty thanks for your efforts until now, I am, very respectfully,
235. From Arnold Sommerfeld
Munich, 18 December 1920
Dear Einstein,
I come to you today as an irksome supplicant. As I hear, you are delivering a lec-
ture in Vienna on January
The return route passes through Munich. We have
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