D O C U M E N T 2 9 6 N O V E M B E R 1 9 2 1 1 8 3
296. To Elsa Einstein
[Leyden,] 12 November [1921]
Dear Else,
You are right to complain in your letter that was enclosed with Zeisler’s letter. It
was so artfully written that I laughed myself to
So all seems to be well. I
very much like being here and there is no lack of work. I gave a talk at the seminar
and am holding 5 lectures in
Otherwise, too, there’s enough to do, not
counting the games with Ehrenfest’s splendid
Now I’m still expecting
the addresses for the
The Japanese are very unrealistic; I shall
decline when I’m in Berlin
Italy appealed to me very
Paul and
were very nice and under-
stood my not being able to fulfill their wish, particularly owing to the uncertainty
of the existing conditions with
Paul paints very prettily. They have now moved
safely to Fiesole, a nearby village, from where there’s a splendid view down to Flo-
rence and further into the
They are right to live there because it is
much cheaper than in Switzerland. Whether they will make it to regular profes-
sional employment appears very doubtful to me, of course; but it was no different
in Switzerland,
Speaking in Bologna and Padova was arduous, but the
human contacts very pleasant, especially with
They offered me a posi-
tion in Bologna—what a pity that one can’t be everywhere at the same time! I
would, incidentally—if there weren’t other doubts of a practical nature—immedi-
ately exchange Berlin for Bologna, without batting an eyelash. In Switzerland I met
who came here specially from Bern, and Paul’s brother, who was in
East Asia and of whom i lost sight for more than 20
He has an enormously
adventurous life behind him and presumably before him as well. Among the Win-
telers there’s always a screw loose
Miza was very glad that I did not
avoid her
it was good this way. Toward you she has an insurmountable
distrust, which simply nothing can be done about. I probed in this regard. I gave
Edith the last push for her doctoral thesis; she has, unfortunately, made a thor-
oughly bad choice of
I visited the
and believe in general to
have thoroughly fulfilled my obligations in Zurich. It was downright cozy at the
They regaled me with a sleeping-car ticket up to Leyden. I actu-
ally arrived here a day too early. My boys are now very attached to me. Both are
intelligent, musical, and still very childish. The latter is probably thanks to the
cheerful Zurich atmosphere. All three declare they want to stay in Zurich, if ever
possible. I have nothing against it, in spite of
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