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captured in the bourgeois
If you don’t make demands about children, you
can have from him all that makes the life of a young lady fun. I would straighten
things out again—provided there are no other reasons against it than the ones
known to me.
It was wonderful in Italy. Even the Zurich stay was quite
I lived
in the
but ate at my wife no.
when I was not invited elsewhere. I played
much music with the children. Mileva was in raptures—how fine it is when people
aren’t too spoiled! At Ehrenfest’s it’s very nice, a cheerful household with the four
and the two studiosi, one of whom you were rightfully nuts about.
There’s also enormously much science here, toward whose growth I must unfortu-
nately also contribute.
I’m sorry that Mama also has her troubles, and in various fields, at that. I am
feeling very well. My little paunch is taking an increasingly threatening shape.
What can one do? Yesterday I was invited to a meal that was more than American.
The Japanese are real swindlers. They can get lost, for all I care. But I won’t
travel there under such lousy
Hearty greetings to all three of you, yours,
293. From Hermann Anschütz-Kaempfe
Munich, 6 Leopold St., 10 November 1921
[Not selected for translation.]
294. To Georg Jaffé[1]
Leyden, 11 November 1921
[Not selected for translation.]
295. To Arthur S. Eddington
Berlin, 12 November 1921
[See the documentary edition for the original English.]
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