V O L U M E 1 0 , D O C . 8 2 a A U G U S T 1 9 2 0 5
in N.Y. bestowed on
I nodded good morning to you a few more times on
my way to the pharmacy, until one day a N.Y. skyscraper gawked back at me
instead of you—then it wasn’t so nice and familiar to go by there anymore.– You
are probably at home now, refortifying your fondness for travel. Your trips are
strenuous but—the
would certainly not be!
“Switzerland would very much have liked to have you,” says Dr. de
who sends amicable greetings! He knew that you are staying in B[erlin] out of vir-
tue, but grumbled into his beard, “You belong in Switzerland! He is very interested
in your r[elativity] theory, but it puts him quite to task! The whole world wants you
now, the whole world admires you, yet some tear their hair out because the theory
of r. is too hard.”
How fortunate I am to be acquainted with what I admire—your goodness!
Vol. 10, 39c. To Fritz Haber
[15 May 1920] Leyden. Saturday
[Not selected for translation.]
Vol. 10, 82a. From Hans Albert Einstein
[between 23 July and 1 August
Dear Papa,
With regret I saw that you completely misunderstood my postcard. And that’s
why I want to write you today in a bit more detail. I wrote you about the money
because we are completely dependent on what you send us. Mama had to use a
large portion of what she had here during her
She had to pay out another
portion as an advance for Aunt while she was here, because the grandparents had
lost a great deal of their money in the war and so couldn’t
For the time being
there isn’t any prospect of getting this money right away. The small portion that’s
still left must definitely be saved up in case of an illness. So you see that we are
completely dependent on what you send us. We live as simply as possible and even
then we sometimes don’t quite know how to get by. We also tried to earn something
on the side but we haven’t managed up to now. You know that we haven’t received
much recently, and in the postcard I just wanted to ask you to send regularly what-
ever you can.[4] If you put yourself in our place you’ll understand this request and
won’t be able to think of it as anything malicious.
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