D O C U M E N T 2 1 J A N U A R Y 1 9 2 1 1 7
cause I consider it absolutely necessary to publish the discussion in extenso and
will very gladly make available the necessary space (I think I can very easily pro-
cure the transcript of the discussion). I would, however, first like to secure your
approval before I go ahead with publication. You might be against it for some rea-
son, and then I would desist, of course.
I have a letter by
that I have to show you in the original, the effect of
which I would also personally like to observe on you. There are far too many fine
things about you in it. I don’t know whether I can come to the
Wednesday, because I have a meeting around 4 o’clock with Scheel and various
other editors of scientific journals that are supposed to be
How and
what for I don’t yet know, though. But I will certainly guard my own independence.
With best regards, yours very devotedly,
A. Berliner.
20.To Otto Neurath
[Berlin, after 17 January
[Not selected for translation.]
21. From Paul Ehrenfest
Leyden, 18 January 1921
Dear Einstein,
1. Enclosed are two letters that arrived for you today.
2. I recently received (on our joint bank account) 1000 guilders from the univ.
fund, which will later (July?) be followed by another
—I can’t cash the
check by Methuen, already announced earlier, for 819 guilders (Nov. 1920),
because it is made out to
3. All in all, it appears desirable that you hold some sort of lectures this spring
at our
I’ll try very hard to spare you such things in coming years! Such
as, throughout a very short period, about anything, with the number of hours as you
please. I actually find it a sin that one should misuse you as a relativity Gramo-
phone even here. I would find it much nicer if you spoke about your least known
investigations and publications (photochemistry and the like) but, by God, do as
you please.– Think now already of selecting the time on the basis of the following
a) Our lectures end before Easter on 19 Mar.
b) Congress in Brussels: “in the first days of
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