D O C U M E N T 5 3 N O M I N A T I O N O F B O H R 1 4 1
Niels Bohr ist Professor der theoretischen Physik an der Universität Kopenha-
gen. Die Unterzeichneten schlagen ihn zum korrespondierenden Mitglied unserer
Akademie vor.
ADS. [8 062].
[1]Dated by the fact that the proposal was submitted to the mathematical-physical class of the Prus-
sian Academy of Sciences in its session of 16 February 1922. The intention to submit proposals for
four new corresponding members was already made at the session of 2 February 1922.
[2]See, e.g., Bohr 1913.
[3]The final typescript (see Kirsten and Treder 1979a, p. 130, No. 42) was also signed by Max von
Laue, Walther Nernst, Max Planck, and Heinrich Rubens.
[p. 2]
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