D O C . 3 7 9 T R A V E L D I A R Y J A N U A R Y 1 9 2 3 3 1 7 26th. Morning and evening climb up a hill with beautiful view onto mountains and sea. Yamamoto arrived. Embarrassed, because he has to relocate us as the Mit- sui Club is baring its claws and demanding horrendous sums. Wrote introduction to lecture. Idea about . In the evening a Japanese comes by with a stack of paper and wants me to communicate to him my impressions on the top of the hill![175] 27th. Tour aboard Mitsui steamboat on China Sea. Walk through Shimonoseki, supper with Yamamoto & Watanabe. Afterwards Nagai arrived. Poem with draw- ing for Mrs. Yamamoto and inked up much silk.[176] Most animated spirits. So much for peace! 28th. Rainy day. Evening invitation by the Commercial Club of Moji.[177] I play the fiddle, the Japanese sing one at a time in Japanese. Hard finance. Shrewd and not as refined as the professors, but more like European analogues, after all. Here, too, modesty of form. 29th. Touching farewells.[178] Mr. & Mrs. Yamamoto, Mr. & Mrs. Inagaki, Kuwaki (with little son), Ishiwara, Miyake, as well as gentlemen of the Mitsui com- pany. All boarded ship.[179] Marvelous present, poem, and letter from Zuckii (Sen- dai, poet) arrived.[180] Sailing around 4 o’clock. Ship large and comfortable. Found electrodynamics energy tensor and wrote Ishiwara.[181] 30th. Peaceful trip. Idea for development of Weyl-Eddington theory.[182] Letters to Yamamoto and Zuchii. Read issues of Frankfurter Zeitung that Prof. Berliner’s wife sent from Tokyo miserable Europe![183] 31st. Arrival in Shanghai in glorious weather. At noon picked up by De Jong (engineer) and Mr. Gaton (parvenu). Supper Staying with the latter snob, but good piano. New Year’s Eve there I sat next to fine Viennese lady, otherwise noisy and, for me, sad.[184] 1st Jan. Shanghai unpleasant. European crowd Chinese servants, are lazy, con- ceited and shallow. Noon meal at de Jong’s. Friendly internationally minded Eng- lishman. Afternoon “reception” in Gaton’s home, flocks of Jewish and other schmaltzy, clawing bourgeois, usual hand clasping and speeches—disgusting.[185] Then discussion in “Question Club” (comedy with dumb questions).[186] In the eve- ning also visited Chinese popular entertainment establishment. Picturesque life. Chinese indiscriminately accept all European music for any occasion (party, wed- ding, funeral), never mind if funeral march or waltz, so long as there is plenty of trumpet blowing. There was also a small temple, in the midst of the worldly hustle and bustle. In the morning short car drive to the city environs everything full of ∂xα -------- Rαk, lm ( ) 0= [p. 28v] [p. 29]
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