5 7 4 D O C . 3 7 9 T R A V E L D I A R Y (see Wilhelm Solf to Auswärtiges Amt, 3 January 1923 [GyBSA, I. HA, Rep. 76 Vc, Sekt. 1, Tit. 11, Teil 5c, Nr. 55, Bl. 157–158], and Neumann and Neumann 2003, p. 187). For Einstein’s subsequent response to Solf, see Doc. 402. [165]Moji is a city in the northern Fukuoka Prefecture, Kyushu. The Einsteins departed Miyajima at 4:10 P.M. and arrived at Shimonoseki at 8:50 P.M. They transferred to a ferryboat to travel to Moji, which lies across the Kanmon Straits. At 9:30 P.M. they arrived at Moji, where they were greeted by Sonta Nagai, the branch manager of Mitsui Bank. Einstein claimed in the interview that “[t]his life- style of the Japanese adapting to nature is unlimitedly precious. If possible, I would like to enjoy this Japanese life and style forever. If the circumstances permit it, I even want to live in Japan hereafter” (“Kono shizen ni tekiou-shita seikatsu-youshiki wa dokomademo tootoi-mono desu. Dekiru-monon- ara-ba, kono Nihon no Seikatsu to Youshiki wo itsu-mademo tanoshimitai-mono-desu. Moshi jijou ga yuruseba, Nihon ni eijuu sitemo yoi to omotte-irukurai-desu” see Governor of Fukuoka Prefecture to Minister of Diplomacy, 6 January 1923 [JTDRO, Diplomatic R/] Fukuoka Nichinichi Shinbun, 25 December 1922 and Nakamoto 1998, pp. 45–46). According to another press report, Ein- stein remarked that the lack of a truly democratic electoral system in Japan was a serious impediment to the country’s development (see Yomiuri Shinbun, 25 December 1922). The Mitsui Club was a social club established by the Mitsui-Bussan Co. in 1921. [166]Einstein arrived at Hakata station in Fukuoka at 12:41 P.M. His eighth popular lecture, entitled “On the Special and General Principles of Relativity,” was held at the Hakata Daihaku Theater in Fukuoka, translated by Ishiwara, and attended by over three thousand people (see Governor of Fuku- oka Prefecture to Minister of Diplomacy, 6 January 1923 [JTDRO, Diplomatic R/], and Ezawa 2005, p. 9). On the free lecture in Sendai, see note 81. [167]The banquet organized by the Kaizo-Sha was held at the Café Paulista in the Hakata district. The meeting taking place in the adjacent room was of the alumni association of the Kyushu School of Physics (see Fukuoka Nichinichi Shinbun, 26 December 1922). [168]Hayari Miyake. Einstein stayed at the Sakayeya-Ryokan Hotel in the Hakata district. The land- lady of the hotel was Tatsu Kuranari (see Fukuoka Nichinichi Shinbun, 25 December 1922, and Naka- moto 1998, p. 61). [169]On one of the banners, Einstein wrote “Sakayeya A. Einstein. 1922.” [170]They returned to the Sakayeya Hotel. [171]The festive banquet was held at Kyushu Imperial University (see Governor of Fukuoka Prefec- ture to Minister of Diplomacy, 6 January 1923 [JTDRO, Diplomatic R/]). Its president was Bunji Mano (1861–1946). [172]For a press report on the visit to the institutes, see Fukuoka Nichinichi Shinbun, 26 December 1922. [173]Hayari Miyake. During his visit, he played on Miyake’s grand piano, which had recently arrived from Germany (see Hiki 2009, pp. 39–40). The Prefectural Showcase House was located at the Prefectural Office. The provincial governor was Ushimaro Sawada. [174]Einstein departed Hakata station at 4:03 P.M. for Moji. At the children’s Christmas party held at the Moji YMCA, he played “Ave Maria,” accompanied on the piano by Chiyoko Ishikawa, a music teacher at the Shimonoseki Girls High School (see Fukuoka Nichinichi Shinbun, 27 December 1922). He spent the night back at the Mitsui Club (see Governor of Fukuoka Prefecture to Minister of Diplo- macy, 6 January 1923 [JTDRO, Diplomatic R/]). [175]Mount Otani. The Mitsui Club. Possibly an erroneous reference to the preface (“Vorwort”) to the Japanese edition of his works, which is dated “27. XII. 1922”, i.e., the next day (see Einstein 1923f [Doc. 406]). [176]The boat trip was in the Straits of Kanmon. Watanabe was a counselor for the Moji branch of the Mitsui-Bussan Co. Sonta Nagai. For the poem and the drawing, see Doc. 407 (see Ishiwara 1923, on verso of frontispiece). [177]The Chamber of Commerce and Industry. [178]According to a press report, on the way to the port in Moji, the Einsteins saw an individual at the roadside pounding rice cakes and shouting in celebration of the New Year. They stopped out of curiosity. Einstein donned a red head band and joined in the pounding and shouting (see Tokyo Asahi Shinbun, 30 December 1922).
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