3 7 4 D O C . 4 3 8 T O S P A N I S H A C A D E M Y O F S C I E N C E S useful and willing coworker of Mr. Grotrian. As you do not mention Mr. Grotrian, I fear that this matter has come to nothing. Mr. Stumpf is not useful, however, as an independent researcher. All of you do not need to wait for me with your decisions, because, when I am finished here, I still want to be in Zurich for a few days, visiting my boys. If you wish to take my opinion into account, then this [is] can happen on the basis of the above-mentioned. Best regards from your A. Einstein. 437. From Mauricio David[1] Madrid, 2 March 1923 [Not selected for translation.] 438. To the Spanish Academy of Sciences [Einstein 1923d] Dated 4 March 1923 Published 1923 In: Discursos pronunciados en la sesión solemne que se dignó presidir S. M. el Rey el día 4 de marzo de 1923 celebrada para hacer entrega del diploma de académico corresponsal al profesor Albert Einstein. Real Academia de Ciencias Exactas, Fisicas y Naturales. Madrid: Talleres Poligráficos, 1923, pp. 19–20. YOUR MAJESTY:[1] Respected Colleagues, please allow me to express my most profound gratitude and satisfaction at your having elected me as your correspondent of your Academy. Bonds such as those we have established today demonstrate anew that the intellec- tual forces that unite peoples cannot be permanently destroyed by the political storms of our times.
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