D O C U M E N T 4 3 6 M A R C H 1 9 2 3 3 7 3 433. To Jun Ishiwara [Spain, after 26 February 1923, or Berlin, after 21 March][1] [Not selected for translation.] 434. From Arthur Biram Haifa, 1 March 1923 [Not selected for translation.] 435. From Gano Dunn [New York,] Thursday, 1 March 1923 [See documentary edition for the original English.] 436. To Wilhelm Westphal Madrid, 9 Lealtad Street, 2 March 1923 Dear Colleague, I hurry to answer your kind letter of the 20th of Feb., which just reached me today. The invitation by the Mexican government pleases me exceedingly, particu- larly also the fact that my going along is not necessarily being demanded.[1] I am not a practicing astronomer so my participation on the expedition would be worth- less besides, I am now, after all those strenuous travels and lectures, yearning for a more static existence. So in your reply please thank the Mexican government cor- dially also in my name and mention my nonparticipation in the expedition. I would welcome it very much if Mr. Ludendorff, with his experience, led it.[2] As he would be bearing the main responsibility, the choice of the other participants should also be left mainly to him. Regarding the tower telescope, I believe that Mr. Stumpf’s abilities and energy for independent research in this difficult field do not suffice,[3] not even with Mr. Freundlich’s collaboration.[4] However, I console myself with the thought that Mr. Grotrian is a capable mind with leadership qualities[5] and Mr. Stumpf would be a
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