D O C U M E N T 4 3 6 M A R C H 1 9 2 3 3 7 3
433. To Jun Ishiwara
[Spain, after 26 February 1923, or Berlin, after 21
[Not selected for translation.]
434. From Arthur Biram
Haifa, 1 March 1923
[Not selected for translation.]
435. From Gano Dunn
[New York,] Thursday, 1 March 1923
[See documentary edition for the original English.]
436. To Wilhelm Westphal
Madrid, 9 Lealtad Street, 2 March 1923
Dear Colleague,
I hurry to answer your kind letter of the 20th of Feb., which just reached me
today. The invitation by the Mexican government pleases me exceedingly, particu-
larly also the fact that my going along is not necessarily being
I am
not a practicing astronomer so my participation on the expedition would be worth-
less; besides, I am now, after all those strenuous travels and lectures, yearning for
a more static existence. So in your reply please thank the Mexican government cor-
dially also in my name and mention my nonparticipation in the expedition. I would
welcome it very much if Mr. Ludendorff, with his experience, led
As he would
be bearing the main responsibility, the choice of the other participants should also
be left mainly to him.
Regarding the tower telescope, I believe that Mr. Stumpf’s abilities and energy
for independent research in this difficult field do not
not even with Mr.
However, I console myself with the thought that Mr.
Grotrian is a capable mind with leadership
and Mr. Stumpf would be a
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