3 7 8 D O C U M E N T 4 4 5 M A R C H 1 9 2 3 445. From Svante Arrhenius Stockholm, Experimentalfältet, 17 March 1923 Esteemed Colleague, I received your kind letter of 10 January in February and thank you very much.[1] The Nobel Foundation deposited the money, at my suggestion, in a bank that pays 3% interest, with a fortnight’s withdrawal notice. The information that the award of the prize was supposed to take place in June is not correct. The local German ambassador, Mr. Nadolny,[2] has already received the pert. documents. Now you could naturally attend the next prize conferral on Dec. 10, if you wish to experience such a ceremony.[3] I do believe, though, that you and your wife would prefer to see Sweden, for which December, as the darkest month, is not very suit- able. I have a suggestion that may perhaps meet your approval. This summer a large Scandinavian exhibition will be held in Gothenburg[4] on 10 May–Sept. There will also be a (Scandinavian) scientific convention taking place between 9–14 July. It would be splendid if you then gave a talk comprehensible to a general audience. You can choose the topic—one would certainly be extremely grateful for a talk about your theory of relativity. At the exhibition you can see Sweden in concen- trated form. From there we may travel via Christiania[5] to Stockholm and perhaps to Dalekarlien[6] or farther north. We could set the itinerary in Gothenburg. If you write me about this, I shall register you (and your esteemed wife, if she so wishes) as participants at the scientific convention. Do also please inform me of the topic of your talk. I shall then have everything arranged for you in Gothenburg. Gratefully looking forward to your kind reply at your next convenience, I remain with my best compliments to you, your wife, and Mrs. Grete Hamburger, yours very truly, Svante Arrhenius. 446. To Albert Karr-Krüsi [Zurich,] 20 March 1923 [Not selected for translation.]
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