D O C . 1 1 6 L E C T U R E S B O N N 1 1 3
On the question by Mr. Noddack: As I made an effort to fix upon the center of the
viewing field while observing, I believe I was seeing with the [retinal]
Mr. Hopmann: In astronomical observations of the weakest stars, one almost al-
ways works with rod vision, not central vision.
Mr. Born: I would like to point out that the existence of needle radiation now seems
to be as good as secured by new experiments on the Compton effect by an Ameri-
can, Ross.
Mr. Einstein: Compton’s experiment proves even more than had already been the-
oretically deduced beforehand, in that it shows that in the elementary process just
one material elementary structure participates in the scattering of a
Mr. Emersleben: For the application of amplifier tubes proposed by Prof. Wien, an
interference switch that measures the difference between the two energies acting in
opposing directions ought to be advantageous.
Mr. Einstein: A decision between Courvoisier’s cosmic refraction and the relativity
effect is, in fact, not yet possible from Campbell’s
Mr. Sommerfeld: The earlier solar eclipse was supposed to decide between the Ein-
stein effect and a half Einstein effect. As a result of the new expedition, the decision
is definitely in favor of the full Einstein effect. We learn from the speaker, however,
that currently the verdict between the Einstein effect and the Courvoisier effect is
still uncertain.
Mr. Lanczos: Naturally, given the observational difficulties, nothing can be stated
about the functional course of the deflection. It is just a question of whether the
same constant results from the absolute magnitude of the deflection that, according
to relativity theory, is solely calculable from the Sun’s mass and the universal con-
Postscript upon publication. After careful checking, this comment cannot be
tained. The high sensitivity that I did indeed attain does come into consideration for cone
vision. As a matter of fact, even in the central part of the eye, rods are not completely
absent either.
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