1 1 4 D O C U M E N T 1 1 7 S E P T E M B E R 1 9 2 3
stant. If this is the case, then another kind of cause must be considered besides some
colossal chance coincidence.
Mr. Hopmann: Both the Courvoisier effect and the Einstein effect are confirmed
equally well by the figures.
Mr. Angenheister: I would like to ask whether the stellar displacement in the just
projected American measurement occurs equally strongly at all solar latitudes. One
could suspect that the Courvoisier effect—provided it forms in the solar atmo-
sphere—is dependent on the solar latitude, perhaps in a similar distribution to the
outer corona. It would then perhaps be possible to separate the contributions of the
Einstein effect and the Courvoisier effect from each other.
117. To Georg Count von Arco and Russian Friends
[Kiel, 16 September
Dear Count Arco and assembled Russian friends,
With particular pleasure I seize this entirely unique opportunity ¢which my
friend, Count Arco and all of his audience² to convey to you and your audience my
cordial greetings. This chance is all the more welcome to me as I could not avail
myself of the kind invitation to participate in your trip to Moscow. Scientific re-
search, which I have been unable to interrupt at this moment, detains me
On this occasion may I lend expression to my joy that, away from the eventful
political ¢contest² struggle of the day, effective ¢forces² endeavors pursuing only
cultural goals, but cultural goals in the broadest sense of the word, are beginning to
¢extend hands to each other² work together again across country borders and thus
to promote one another. In this sense, I would herewith also like to wish the best of
success to the Russo-German Association “Cultural Technology of the East,” on
whose board of trustees I have the honor of being a
A. Einstein.
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