2 1 4 D O C U M E N T 2 1 9 F E B R U A R Y 1 9 2 4
the blow ring be nice and regular so that nothing of the kind occurs merely upon
rotation around the vertical axis.
I am working doggedly but was led by the nose by the muse of physics. I hope
it gets better. Cordial regards from your
A. Einstein.
Kind regards to your wife, the
and the round-table company at the
219. To Chaim Weizmann
[Berlin,] 29 February 1924
Dear Friend,
Do not take it amiss if I do not accept the kind invitation to America from you
and the American
I was there once and let it be known that the issue
is precious to
I really couldn’t do more than that now. If one has dedicated
one’s life to contemplation and is only cut out for that, then one must stay with that
and leave “worldly” matters to those who know something about them. Please con-
vey my thanks for the invitation to the doctors’ committee, and my regrets. It is not
clear to me how I should address a direct communication.
I read in the Jüdische Rundschau with much delight about your successes in
America in the conversion of the Jewish
The feeling for the Jew-
ish cause will come alive, slowly but surely, in all of them, in that the crowd is start-
ing to glimmer, from the bottom up. Let us hope it does not remain just a moral vic-
Wishing you and your
luck and prosperous work, yours,
A. Einstein.
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