D O C U M E N T 2 3 3 A P R I L 1 9 2 4 2 2 7
therefore the transfer of the above-mentioned library is highly desirable not only in
the interest of the university’s academic research but also in the interest of its
broader, related cultural and public
I am confident in the hope that the government of the Soviet Republic, in appre-
ciation of the lofty cultural tasks that the University of Jerusalem is determined to
serve, will permit the transfer of the library to Jerusalem, where, in view of the im-
minent inauguration of the first institutes in the humanities, it is now urgently
In utmost respect,
A. Einstein.
233. From Heinrich Zangger
[Zurich, after 12 April
Dear friend Einstein,
So you are going to Naples in May 1924 via Zurich, as Albert told
haps I shall come along, if it works out with the lectures.
I am just not as free as you and have difficult business. (Think of this: Now 8
accused physicians to evaluate; I haven’t had that for 20 years; it is simply abomi-
nable—and then, inadequate laws again.) Furthermore, a new book is finished up
to the proofs and a 2nd edition 3/4
Now to physics: Debye’s calculation of electrolyte theory was a great pleasure
and the papers by Lewis from 1904–1916 acquire theoretical
the man has a flair for setting the essentials into the generally so abstract thermo-
dynamics. For me, many things are valuable, such as the displacement—i.e., the
rise in the vapor tension of impure solutions of solvents (increase in the toxicity of
wastes through dissolved salts, etc.).
If all goes well, in the near future a house will be purchased that you are going
to like; Albert is learning a lot from
Losses are almost excluded. Even though
construction is necessary, the object will initially be erected high enough that the
interest reaches c. 10,000 francs and the interest income c. 14,000 francs (—less
the family’s apartment). But the free apartment is left and 2,500 francs, for mainte-
nance 1,500 francs; the interest can be raised further when something is improved.
Thus I am going to be present as much as is necessary. You may scold.—
Interesting fact: (Zeitschr. für Physik)
table-salt crystals. Tear-resistance
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