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230. To Sigmund Zeisler[1]
Berlin, 28 March 1924
Dear Mr. Zeisler,
Allow me first to thank you warmly for the great kindness of having represented
me in America these past years regarding my business. I now have a new request
of you: Next month our daughter
is marrying a local writer, Dr. Rudolf Kay-
ser. I have decided to transfer over to her my American savings as a
Therefore, please take those steps you deem necessary in order to have my assets
there transferred to Mrs. Ilse Kayser, 7 Traunsteiner St. Also please, in the future,
kindly accept instructions from my daughter Ilse regarding the disposition of the
capital and interest. I hope you and your dear
are in the best of health. I was
so sorry that I could not see you during your stay in
With cordial regards, also to your dear wife and your
P. S. It would be agreeable to my daughter if she were sent the interest every year,
if possible over the course of the summer, provided this is feasible.
231. To International Education Board[1]
Berlin, 4 April 1924
[Not selected for translation.]
232. To Soviet Commission for People’s Education
Berlin, 9 April 1924
In the name of the Board of Governors of the University of
I grant
my support of the application by the University Committee in London for the re-
lease of the library of the late Baron David de Günzberg, purchased some years ago
for the University of
After having had an opportunity to study the problems of the new university di-
rectly on location, on the occasion of my most recent stay in Palestine, I am con-
vinced that the expansion of the existing University Library, and specifically, its
Hebrew and Oriental Department, corresponds to an urgent cultural need and that
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